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Emotional & Physical Wellness with EVOX Perception Reframing Therapy - Voice Mapping

Emotional Rebalancing

Every person's voice is specific to them, just like a fingerprint. Emotional stress has a profound effect on our lives and on our physical bodies and using the voice is the best way to determine what is happening - emotionally. It is also the fastest and surest way to calculate the release of emotions that have been traps and triggers to you for days, months or even years. The production of your voice involves nearly the entire body, psychological and physical. This makes your voice an extremely reliable indicator of physiological stress.

When an emotional pattern becomes rigid or destructive, most people recognize that they want to implement change. Some look to classes, week-end courses, expensive programs with tapes that you continue to listen to. Often change does not happen even though these programs have value. The truth is that change must come from inside the body to be lasting.

According to Dr. Candace Pert author of Molecules of Emotion, our emotions are stored in every cell of our body. When we think of people or situations, emotions erupt within us causing us to feel pain, sorrow, guilt, happiness, joy or peace. Of course, remembering is not a bad thing unless there are unresolved emotional issues and traumas that cause you pain.

Most everyone has experienced trauma on some level. Some perceived the incident so badly, that they have buried it at a very deep cellular level. The degree in which this can affect the person is an individual experience. Some are unable to consciously feel at all, developing feelings of worthlessness. Some may experience degrees of numbness inside, stopping the person from feeling a full array of emotions and being authentic in who they are. Some may be overcome with emotions and some may harbor deep seated anger which can cause further trauma.

Using researched and proven techniques, the Evox system allows your subconscious mind to balance and clear away unwanted thoughts and feelings extremely fast and efficiently. It allows for clearance of negative fixations. There is no hypnosis or “mind control” associated with Evox and each client maintains “free will” when new perceptions and thoughts come into awareness. The outcome of voice remapping is the ability to release locked or “stuck” thoughts or thought patterns that may cause discomforts in your life.

The Process:

Voice remapping might make you think that your voice is going to change. Sometimes this can be true in noticeable ways. Most of the time, however, each client realizes more clarity, better connections and deeper feelings or gratitude.

A voice remapping session consists of voice pattern mapping, computer generated bio-feedback of frequencies from your voice pattern, gentle music through headsets, and “light frames”. The music and light frames are simply used to “distract” the mind as frequencies are provided to the body.

Each map can be correlated with underlying attitudes, beliefs, and emotions. This data is very valuable when analyzed in relation to the emotional aspects of health and interpersonal relationships. Once a voice map is created, the Evox technology determines the optimum deficiency. This is the area of the voice where the greatest compensation is occurring.

The Benefits:

The objective of voice remapping is to “unburden” or change patterns that are rigid and stuck. With Evox, you can successfully change destructive patterns or simply improve performance and relationships in your life.

Clients notice that they do not react to situations the way you have in the past. Emotional challenges will be much easier to deal with and you will move through issues more quickly. No longer must you endure “old emotional baggage” that interferes with the quality of our life. Now you can truly experience being in present time and living in the moment, unburdened and feeling possibility and joy.

Benefits Reported When Using EVOX

  • Enriched relationships

  • Manage emotionally charged eating (stress eating)

  • Better manage stressful situations

  • Overcome fears, anxieties, worries and stress

  • Better organized

  • Live healthier

Clients comment that they…

  • Have more energy

  • Make better choices

  • Manage stress more constructively

  • Have more peace and are more optimistic

  • Feel less burdened

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