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Updated: Feb 17, 2019

The EVOX is a computer software program designed to clear emotional congestion. The technology draws from Dr. Alfred Tomatis’ extensive research on listening and hearing. Tomatis stated, “The voice does not produce what the ear does not hear.” This concept can be expanded to: You cannot express what you cannot perceive. How can you change your perceptions?


Your perceptions come from personal history, experiences, traumas, unresolved emotions, beliefs and more. They always come with a set of blinders; narrowing your view and thus blocking your awareness and decreasing your ability to thrive. With the process called Perception Reframing, the EVOX expands those blinders. You can then reframe or increase your perception and get the bigger picture. This can be a life changing experience.


First, the EVOX software records a small snippet of your voice as you speak about a topic causing stress or concern. The recording is then analyzed and divided over 12 zones showing up on the computer screen as a voice map. This looks a little like a pie chart divided into 12 sections. Each zone represents a vocal tone (C#, F, etc.), as well as a psychological state such as fear, anger or unconditional love. Zones which show up in color indicate vocal tones missing from the voice: remember you cannot express what you cannot perceive. Each EVOX session focuses on those missing tones that are the most out of balance.


The next step is a Timed Output which introduces the vibrational equivalents of those missing vocal tones back into your body through the hand cradle device. You simply place your hand on the cradle and the software sends you the optimized frequencies for balance in that moment. During a session, you move quickly back and forth between voice recordings and timed outputs from the hand cradle until there is a significant shift in your vocal tones.


Increased perception; usually experienced as relief, gratitude and greater happiness.


There are at least two ways to use the EVOX. The one described above is commonly used for the specific daily issues you wish to change, such as a lack of self-confidence or a repeated frustrating experience. A second way to use the EVOX is for Trans-generational Perception Reframing (TPR). This powerful sequence of 5 or more sessions addresses the hidden miasms or genetic energies flowing down from your family line, affecting your current life.


A miasm is a term used in homeopathy, but we like Dr. Paul Dennison’s definition best – he calls it a “genetic stain” – a negative energetic pattern that has been passed on to us through our gene code. Like a fish unaware of the water in which it swims, you can be moving though your life, bumping into persistent issues and not realizing their source is inherite

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