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Johnny and Narcisa are certified Aromatherapists. They graduated with distinction achieving their Diploma in Aromatherapy. 


Johnny has, and is currently receiving extensive training in Counselling, Professional Life Coaching, Clinical Nutrition, Master Herbalist and Reflexology therapies.

It has become our passion to educate people on how to get at the root cause of their symptoms and determine what works best for them, as we are all uniquely created by God. It is our desire for everyone to experience full wellness, purpose and abundance in all areas of their life; spiritually, mindfully, emotionally, and physically. We accomplish this by working closely with people in providing resources and equipping them with what is needed to be successful. We count it a blessing to be able to share our knowledge and expertise, as well as, help to develop the gifts and talents of others to empower and educate them to improve their lifestyles and health choices so that they can recover their own health and to live abundantly. We believe working as a team is very effective for optimal support and we incorporate it into our approach.


In this day and age with all the technology, we use many resources to encourage and support people wherever they are-physically, emotionally, mindfully and spiritually. Come join us in a journey of wellness, purpose and abundance.


Whether you experience a serious condition or something minor, the key is discovering the cause and not covering the symptoms.


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Johnny & Narcisa

The key is discovering the cause, not covering the symptom!

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