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How can EVOX Perception Reframing Therapy can help you

Updated: May 24, 2019

The emotional aspect of healing and wellness is often far more important than the typical protocols of healthy eating and exercise, yet often receives little attention. Common roadblocks to real health often stem from making poor choices, lack of willpower, and repeated destructive behavior. It is actually the subconscious mind that controls up to 90% of our daily behaviors. Therefore, 'sub-conscious stress' stemming from a real or perceived trauma can create negative behavior patterns that can sabotage even our best efforts of success at almost any endeavor, and can persist throughout a person's lifetime.

Effective clearing of emotional roadblocks can create new insights to dealing with stressful situations, and the ability to not only recognize all the choices available, but also to follow through with new healthy choices and improved decision-making.

EVOX Perception Reframing Therapy uses innovative voice mapping technology to identify congested emotional areas at the subconscious level, and effectively clears them by feeding back the missing frequencies detected in a person's voice. Shifts in voice patterns can be noticed almost immediately. Subconscious roadblocks are accessed and cleared, leading to long-lasting positive change.

Often, real or perceived trauma begins in childhood with our primary caregivers, and the effects of the trauma are stored in the sub-conscious for a lifetime. By healing the family relationships at the subconscious level, a person is free to work on even more specific desired improvements in their life with greater ease and success. Over approximately a six-week period, Trans-Generational Reframing sessions can be completed, effectively healing the perceived or real traumas experienced with parents, grandparents, caregivers, spouses or significant others. 

Many patients experience life changing transformations just through clearing negative family or relationship patterns. After Trans-Generational sessions are complete, additional EVOX Therapy sessions can target specific desired changes, such as clearing fears and phobias, improving sports or work performance, changing destructive habits or beliefs, weight issues...the list is not limited at all.

Health Benefits of Perception Reframing Therapy

EVOX Perception Reframing Therapy can be useful in many situations where a person may feel 'stuck' in a negative thought or behavior pattern. By first healing the subconscious mind, the driver of almost all behavior, more complete physical and emotional healing can begin. Examples of issues that can be addressed with EVOX Therapy include: 

  • Constant worry, stress, anxiety, or pessimistic outlook 

  • Destructive thought patterns 

  • Repeated negative behavior 

  • Poor performance in work or athletics 

  • Addictions 

  • Weight problems 

  • Post Traumatic Stress 

  • Relationship problems 

  • Chronic pain 

  • Psychological issues

  • And many more issues...

Johnny & Narcisa Grigore are certified Aromatherapy practitioners. They have graduated with distinction achieving their Diploma in Aromatherapy.

Johnny has and is currently receiving extensive training in Counselling, Professional Life Coaching, Clinical Nutrition, Master Herbalist and Reflexology therapies.

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